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Keep on reading the tips and advice on how to better utilize your mobile device, what’s new and what’s being launched. Our blog keeps you at pace with the fast moving innovative world of communication.

CellnTell has proven itself to be one of the most reliable and rapidly progressing cell phone providers across GTA and now Canada. It is the one stop solution for all your access to the latest cell phones, accessories, provision of spare parts, repair and unlocking services. With Galaxy Note 8 making an awaited entry in … Continue reading “Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 seems like the dream of the phablet realized!”

CellNTell is the name that in its decades of service has amassed a credible reputation in provision of the best of the mobile world. It has proved itself to be a one stop solution for all your access to the latest cell phones, accessories, provision of spare parts, repair and unlocking services and more. CellNTell … Continue reading “ALL NEW SERIES OF GALAXY A, J & C SERIES AT AMAZING PRICES”

There are many known mobile phone brands in the market that have lately been coming up with models and design that fail to impress the masses. Many popular mobile brands manufacture phones that either look like clones of their older versions or are packed with the same designs. But Samsung doesn’t disappoint ever, does it? … Continue reading “GALAXY S8 AND S8 PLUS – AN ANDROID MASTER PIECE”

The communication demands of the world are evolving at a fast pace. Businesses, industries and organizations are in a dire need of a good telecommunication network provider that can match their everyday communication needs. Amongst the biggest, most reliable and rapidly growing cell phone wholesalers in Canada, is CellnTell. Catering to a large, loyal client … Continue reading “Become Cellntell Reseller and stay up to- date on the Latest Price, Stock & Discounts.”

The mobile technology world has talked widely about the word, “unlocking”. But what is it? Why do you people wish to unlock their phone? Here is what unlocking is about: By unlocking a phone, a user is able to insert a SIM card from any wireless carrier in their area to make any calls, access … Continue reading “FLEXX SIM- Unlocking any iPhone any carrier world wide”

Do you think that capturing the best photo is all about having a great camera? Think again. When it comes to taking photos, the creativity and skill of the photographer weighs more than the device he is using. Whether you’re using a DSLR or a cell phone, creativity is important. CellnTell, as one of the … Continue reading “HOW TO TAKE GREAT PHOTOS BY YOUR CELL PHONE?”

Phones that are sleek, slim and compact have become a popular choice amongst users. But there are many users that have the preference for phone that have large screens and more power. Phone with large screens are particularly preferred by users who have weak eyesight or fat fingers. They also prove to be excellent choices … Continue reading “Big Screen Phones You Could Buy Under $200”

“Unlocking” is the word you must have encountered a lot on many mobile technology websites on the internet. So, what exactly is unlocking? Why do people do it? What are the reasons to unlock your phone? By unlocking a phone, a user is able to insert a SIM card from any wireless carrier in their … Continue reading “Why CellnTell Is The Best Choice To Unlock Your Devices?”

You might think that your Smartphone is safe as you carry them without any worries in your pocket or purse. Think again. It maybe not! There are a lot of factors that expose your Smartphone from catching a virus and making it vulnerable to the hackers nearby. It is important to know that any hacker … Continue reading “How to Protect your Smartphone from Being Hacked?”

Did your iPhone get into a minor accident? Are you experiencing battery issues? Did you smash its screen? Are you looking for a reliable repairer? What is the best place to go for a cell phone repair than a company that deals in best cell phones in town? Come to us at CellnTell today! The … Continue reading “BEST IPHONE REPAIR SERVICES ACROSS GTA.”

Many parents naturally find great comfort in knowing they can contact their child and be contacted by them anywhere they go, therefore many children these days have been given their own personal cell phone devices. Nearly every child under the age of 15 to 16 owns a cell phone. But like all things, this device … Continue reading “How to Protect your Children on their Cell Phones?”

Are you looking for an easy-to-use Smartphone for yourself? Do you want to upgrade from your previous phone because it was too complicated to use? Are you looking for a decent, less complicated-to-use Smartphone for your favorite elderly? Here is CellnTell’s guide to Best Smartphones for the elderly; Smartphones have more to offer to their … Continue reading “BEST SMARTPHONES FOR SENIORS”

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