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Keep on reading the tips and advice on how to better utilize your mobile device, what’s new and what’s being launched. Our blog keeps you at pace with the fast moving innovative world of communication.

Christmas, ah, the greatest time of the year, it has always been our favorite holiday and time of year, period. It’s not necessarily because of all the free candy canes, and the warm eggnog, there is just something about the season, the time of year, and the atmosphere that makes Christmas our all-time favorite. It … Continue reading “Christmas Shopping”

For those of you that are well acquainted with the world of technology, this should be an easy one for you. However, those of you entering this magical world where everything is at the tips of your fingers, this choice might not be très facile. Of course you could make things easy on yourself and … Continue reading “Smartphone or Tablet?”

As the world of smartphones continues to grow rapidly, it is no surprise that the accessory market isn’t far behind. From sleek skins, to bulky cases, to screen protectors, there are endless options to pick from. Now although you may want all of them (who doesn’t?), it may be better to choose one or two … Continue reading “Choosing Your Smartphone Accessory”

Most people take a deep breath when it’s time to replace their phone, because let’s be honest, smartphones are pretty darn expensive. Whether you have an iPhone, or an Android, it’s going to hurt your wallet. But you can put off that painful experience by keeping your phone in good health. Here is a checklist … Continue reading “How to Maintain Your Smartphone”

Fashion Statement All of us know that when we go out, meet someone new, or grab an opportunity, we want to make a statement. We dress to impress, we polish our shoes, we put on makeup, and some of us even pierce, tattoo, or accessorize to make a bold statement. For a lot of us, … Continue reading “Fashion Statement”