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5 Reasons Why Your Smartphone Battery is Draining Faster & How to counter this?

CellnTell has proved in its decades of servitude that it is a complete one stop solution that matches and compliments all your Cell phone and accessories needs of the time.
You are heading out, matching pace with the ever advancing world yet your phone’s battery is on the verge of draining out completely? Surely that is something that will highly inconvenience you.
Whether you are an iPhone user or an Android user, dealing with faster draining battery is a struggle. So what are some of the reasons your android battery is draining faster?

1) Your screen’s brightness might be taking up a lot of battery

It is the most common reason why your phone’s battery is being very uncooperative; the screen’s brightness is set too high.

Solution: Tone the brightness down

Even when you are not using the phone, adjust the brightness settings to low. The ideal option would be enable the automatic brightness setting in your phone that automatically adjusts the brightness to your surroundings. With the automatic settings you would be able to read your text messages when it’s bright outside and avoid wasting the precious battery power whilst reading them indoors in considerably less bright area.
Another option to save power being drained from brightness is to shorten the lapse of time for the display to turn off after you keep the phone aside.

2. Searching for Wi-Fi connectivity

While you’re out roaming and are not on mobile data, your phone could be busy exhausting its power searching for a Wi-Fi network to connect to.

Solution: While you’re out running errands and do not expect to connect to a Wi-Fi network, turn it off to prevent your phone from searching for signal. The act is a major battery killer.

3. Unneeded Notification Alerts

Are you keeping your phone a tab bit busier than it needs to be? Do you get notifications from unneeded apps all day long? This reason could be a major culprit behind quick battery drainage.

Solution: Make sure that your phone is not constantly lighting up, vibrating or giving a sound alert for the notifications. Even the friend or game requests are the culprit! Enable notification alerts for only those important apps that you use frequently. A silent mode when you are out and need to save power is the safe way to go.

4. Unneeded apps are open and busy in your phone

Some apps consume more battery power than the rest. If you open up your Settings for your Battery Power in your phone, you will be surprised to see how a particular app is guilty of consuming a lot of power.
Solution: Fortunately, you can disable the background activity for the apps that give your battery power a tough time. Whether it’s your Facebook or Gmail app, the activities can easily be disabled.

5. Using apps that are battery exhaustive

Reflect carefully on your app habits. Do you check the weather, use the Google maps, use the GPS and turn on your locations throughout the day? Well as necessary as they are to you, you might be overdoing their usage. Streaming content, use of tethering, camera usage, playing graphic-heavy games are another few battery buster activities. Data-intensive activities like making calls and watching videos are also guilty of munching on that precious battery power.

Solution: Turn off your location when you are not using it. Avoid using the camera, streaming content or making calls etc when you’re roaming and want to salvage battery power for other important purposes.
Well the reasons mentioned above are major battery drainers; there are still a lot many that vary from phone to phone and the users’ activities. It is always handy to carry a power bank when you’re out on the go.

Stay at par with the ever-advancing world at CellnTell!

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