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7 Advantages of Buying an Unlocked Phone

Unlocked phones have taken the mobile world by storm. Mainly because of their many benefits, unlocked phones have become the first choice for many individuals around the world. But what are unlocked phones and why are they so popular amongst the users?

An unlocked phone, unlike a locked phone, is not programmed to work on a particular network provider. They can work on any cellular carriers that run Global System for Mobile (GSM) standards. Any SIM card regardless of its GSM network can be recognized on an unlocked phone and can be used to make calls, send text messages etc. With an unlocked phone, the user does not have to bother with subscriber contracts either, making it more flexible than locked phones. It a more practical option as it allows you to switch network providers anytime you want.

Here are some advantages of buying an unlocked phone;


The biggest advantage of unlocked phones is that they give users the flexibility of changing network providers anytime they want. This is perhaps a major reason for the widespread popularity of unlocked phones. For instance, if a user is not satisfied with the services offered by the network provider, they will always have an option to switch to a SIM Card that delivers a better customer service.

Easy International Travel

If you are someone who travels frequently to different countries, an unlocked phone is ideal as it allows you to change your SIM card without any fuss. Many network providers charge their customers with international roaming charges if the cell phone is used abroad. An unlocked phone saves users from these additional charges by enabling them to switch to a cellular carrier of the country they are traveling to. Users can utilize important data such as contact details and personal information contained in their cell phones without having to switch to other phones while traveling.

Free of any Contract Obligation

Unlocked phones free users from the hassle of any contractual obligations and restrictions with network providers. With an unlocked phone, network providers can be switched any time without any concerns about penalties and charges for early termination of a contract.

Cost Effective

Unlocked phones can help users save a significant few dollars easily. For
instance, if a network provider increases their service charges, a user can switch easily to a different provider that offers reasonable rates for the similar service. In this way, users can make use of discounts and other packages offered by different network providers.

No Hidden Charges

An unlocked phone does not come with any hidden or additional charges. On the other hand, a locked phone often charges additional money for services such as data and text messages and users are bound to pay these as their phone is tied to the particular provider.

Software Updates

Locked phone users are only bound and restricted to use the software and apps that are provided by their network provider. While users with unlocked phones can access or upgrade to a variety of different software if they want. An unlocked phone gives users the flexibility to switch to other phones if they need to avail different technological advancements.

Higher Resale Value

Factory unlocked phones generally carry a higher resale value as they can be sold anytime to anyone. This is because unlocked phones are compatible with all network providers and anyone can start using the phone right away. In case a user is not satisfied with the unlocked phone or wishes to upgrade to another, it is much easier to sell the unlocked phone and buy a new one. However locked phones cannot be sold by their users until the end of the contract period.

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