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Keep on reading the tips and advice on how to better utilize your mobile device, what’s new and what’s being launched. Our blog keeps you at pace with the fast moving innovative world of communication.

The mobile technology world has talked widely about the word, “unlocking”. But what is it? Why do you people wish to unlock their phone? Here is what unlocking is about: By unlocking a phone, a user is able to insert a SIM card from any wireless carrier in their area to make any calls, access … Continue reading “FLEXX SIM- Unlocking any iPhone any carrier world wide”

Do you think that capturing the best photo is all about having a great camera? Think again. When it comes to taking photos, the creativity and skill of the photographer weighs more than the device he is using. Whether you’re using a DSLR or a cell phone, creativity is important. CellnTell, as one of the … Continue reading “HOW TO TAKE GREAT PHOTOS BY YOUR CELL PHONE?”

Phones that are sleek, slim and compact have become a popular choice amongst users. But there are many users that have the preference for phone that have large screens and more power. Phone with large screens are particularly preferred by users who have weak eyesight or fat fingers. They also prove to be excellent choices … Continue reading “Big Screen Phones You Could Buy Under $200”

“Unlocking” is the word you must have encountered a lot on many mobile technology websites on the internet. So, what exactly is unlocking? Why do people do it? What are the reasons to unlock your phone? By unlocking a phone, a user is able to insert a SIM card from any wireless carrier in their … Continue reading “Why CellnTell Is The Best Choice To Unlock Your Devices?”

You might think that your Smartphone is safe as you carry them without any worries in your pocket or purse. Think again. It maybe not! There are a lot of factors that expose your Smartphone from catching a virus and making it vulnerable to the hackers nearby. It is important to know that any hacker … Continue reading “How to Protect your Smartphone from Being Hacked?”

iPhone is officially the most coveted phone in the world right now. Everyone wants to have it. But let’s face it; Apple is still too expensive for most of us. But that has not stopped many Apple fans to become an iPhone user. You do not have to own the latest iPhone model to be … Continue reading “Is This A Good Idea To Buy Reconditioned iPhone”

Samsung has provided some of the best phones to users on a global scale. It has certainly not disappointed the Samsung users in 2017 with its wide range of Smartphone available under 200$. Let’s have a look at what Cellntell offers you the best Samsung under $200; 1) Samsung Galaxy J3 Samsung Galaxy J3 is … Continue reading “The Best Samsung Smartphones To Buy In 2017 Under $200”

Nokia, the world-famous mobile giant, has a long history of providing the excellent mobile phones to the users. Perhaps, the first phones our parents owned before the advent of Smartphone technology, was a simple Nokia mobile device. Until Nokia lost its luster to the Apple and Android takeover of the world’s phone markets. And now … Continue reading “NOKIA-6! IS THIS GOING TO BE A NOKIA COME BACK?”

The much awaited release of Apple’s next generation iPhone has finally happened and the Apple lovers from all over the globe are left enthralled. The new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are very much similar to their predecessors iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, with only a few differences. Some of the significant changes that … Continue reading “iPhone 7 And Its Features”

We all have a history of damaged, broken and a malfunctioned phone, don’t we? Fortunately, Smartphones today are manufactured in way to withstand all sorts of damage we inflict on them. If you own a Smartphone, you are probably aware that you are carrying a computer that has all your personal and work details that … Continue reading “How To Protect Your Phone”

Unlocking a mobile phone is a standout amongst the most important requirements that you need to consider before buying a cell phone. Unlocking the cell phone presents various favorable factors. However, there are additionally a few disadvantages too. Before buying the phone, it is important to see precisely what unlocking is, to know the contrasts … Continue reading “Mobile Unlocking Is Not An Issue”

Are you one of those people who do not to prefer to make a splurge over expensive cell phones, then this Nee Year, you do not have to. Of course, regardless of what the mainstream public says, iPhone 6s and Galaxy S7 are not the only phones on the market, and you can always buy … Continue reading “SMARTPHONES UNDER $100”

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