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Keep on reading the tips and advice on how to better utilize your mobile device, what’s new and what’s being launched. Our blog keeps you at pace with the fast moving innovative world of communication.

Everything you need to know about Smartphones when you travel!

Are you someone who is planning to do some traveling ahead? Be it   business trips or personal leisurely travels, your Smartphone is bound to do the traveling with you. And you don’t want to suffer the technical difficulties, costly roaming charges and networking errors while you’re overseas and away from home.
We at CellNTell put together this guide to spare our readers and clients from the inconvenience of using their phones while they are overseas.

1) Is Your Phone Working Overseas?

Check whether your Smartphone is physically working while you are overseas. Since all countries and cell phone carrier companies work on their own technologies, they may not be compatible with your Smartphone. Most Smartphones which support CDMA are less likely to function internationally. Ask your cell phone company if your phone is unlocked. An unlocked phone can be used overseas by replacing your SIM card with a local carrier as you are on the go.

2) Is Roaming an Inconvenient and Costly Option?

As your existing carrier plan doesn’t apply overseas, each time you make a call, text or use cellular data, you will be charged with higher rates. There were cases when users returned back home from short international trips to thousands of dollar bills piled up for them. Roaming isn’t the best option available considering the inconvenience and expense.

3) How Can You Unlock Your Phone?

It is possible to get your phone unlocked, however it is not always that simple or cheap to do so. Users can ask their cell phone companies about the unlocking policies. Nearly all cell phone companies in the US are legally obliged to unlock the phones after a year and contract phones as soon as they are paid off. A very good option for anyone who wishes to unlock their phone is to visit independent phone stores which specialize in unlocking phones, like CellNTell. You can easily find the store within 6 locations in GTA.

4) Done unlocking your phone? Now What.

After you have successfully unlocked your phone, you need to get your hands on a local SIM card from the region you are currently in. You can avail the best price and hassle-free instant service from Cellntell with enabled calls, texts, and data. Daily and weekly plans are sometimes available if you’re in a country for a shorter period.

5) What if my phone won’t work or I can’t unlock it?

Sometimes it may not be possible to unlock a particular phone, but don’t think you are stranded in a foreign place without access to a phone. Here are a few options which you can consider trying;

a) Use Wi-Fi

Smartphones can still be connected through Wi-Fi, so you can consider using Skype Calls, Google Voice for calling purposes and WhatsApp for sending texts.

b) Purchase a budget Smartphone

You can easily get hold of a Smartphone under the range of 200$.

c) Rent a phone

Travelers can even rent phone from the airports and other companies. This option is ideal in situations where you are traveling for a short period.

(d) Rent or buy a portable hotpots

Portable hot spots can prove to be ideal gadgets to create wireless networks and share cellular data connectivity over it. With a portable hot spot you can connect up to 4 to 10 devices at a time. An unlocked hot spot can be bought and you can add a local SIM card in., it will act like any WI-Fi network.

By putting in a just a bit of time, some money and effort you can pick an option which best fits you, before you embark on your travels.
Stay at par with the ever-advancing mobile world at www.cellntell.com

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