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Keep on reading the tips and advice on how to better utilize your mobile device, what’s new and what’s being launched. Our blog keeps you at pace with the fast moving innovative world of communication.

FLEXX SIM- Unlocking any iPhone any carrier world wide

The mobile technology world has talked widely about the word, “unlocking”. But what is it? Why do you people wish to unlock their phone?
Here is what unlocking is about: By unlocking a phone, a user is able to insert a SIM card from any wireless carrier in their area to make any calls, access the internet and use any services available on the carrier’s network for the customers. Unlike locked phones, unlocked phones can be used on different carriers. Unlocked phones are compatible and easily usable on any SIM card locally or internationally.

With its widely trusted unlocking experience, CellnTell introduces the Flexx Sim 7 that allows users to unlock any iPhone, any carrier no matter where you are in world. Flexx Sim 7 allows you to achieve this without any hassle or worries!

watch the demonstration provided below and follow the steps to unlock your iPhone now! Its simple and easy:



Perhaps the best things about Flexx Sim 7 are that it supports all versions IOS 5 to 10.3 and supports almost all the carrier functioning in the country. Another concern that users might have is whether Flexx Sim 7 requires any pass code, password or verification to gain access to it? Well the answer is in negative: Flexx Sim 7 does not require you to provide any password or verification! You can just plug it in your iPhone, can change any cart without much hassle. Users who have used Flexx Sim 7 shared that their 4G works effectively and there is absolutely no problem with messaging as well.

Flexx Sim 7 has effectively countered all unlocking barriers users face on a regular basis whilst travelling. It has opened venues to an advanced mobile telecom world, by providing unlocking without any associated risks.

CellnTell has emerged as one of the most reliable and rapidly progressing cell phone providers across GTA and now Canada. It has proved itself to be a one stop solution for all your access to the latest cell phones, accessories, provision of spare parts, repair and unlocking services. With its remarkable 10 years of unlocking service, CellnTell aims to bring more exciting opportunities and services to its loyal client base. Stay at par with the ever-advancing world of Smartphone and cell phones with CellNTell

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