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Do you think that capturing the best photo is all about having a great camera? Think again. When it comes to taking photos, the creativity and skill of the photographer weighs more than the device he is using. Whether you’re using a DSLR or a cell phone, creativity is important.

CellnTell, as one of the major and well-reputed providers of cell phones, know how most of our customers are passionate about capturing the best images from the cell phones we provide them. Let’s have a look at some non-technical things that most of us often ignore while taking pictures.

Starting from the very basics, it is essential that you ensure that your cell phone’s lens is clean and the battery is charged. We carry our phones around with us everywhere and it is inevitable that they get dirty. Before capturing photos, gently clean your phone’s camera with a lens cloth or any soft cloth. Avoid using rough fabric as it may scratch your lens.  It is also a good idea to carry your phone’s charger or keep an extra charged battery with you so that you don’t run out of charge especially if you want to capture something nice.

Good lightening is a prerequisite when it comes to taking photos. In fact, good lightening is almost as important as the camera you’re using. Natural lightening from the sun is always the best option. If you are trying to take photos indoors, make sure that you move the object you wish to photograph close to natural lightening source like a window.  Artificial lightening from lamps or bulbs is also effective if you ensure that the light falls directly on the object.

Another nontechnical tip is using reflectors while photographing. Using reflectors reflect the light from any light source like sun or lamp onto the object. This greatly impacts the photography result.
One of the frequent mistakes that most photographers make is take all photos from the same angle. To capture the best of the subject, it is important to get creative; move around, explore different angles. Sometimes it’s all about angles! It is recommended that you take a lot of photos, whilst ensuring that each capture is unique. Experiment with different lightening and angles are fun.

The main motive behind capturing these photographs is that you want to show the world things from your perspective. It is a great idea to showcase your perspective of the world through photos and show them to people. There are many social media platforms like Instagram, VSCO, Flickr etc that allow you to share and edit your photographs in the most beautiful manner.  By sharing your photographs with an audience and getting the feedback, you get the exposure and learn so much more. The feedback may not always be nice but that should not let you abandon your passion for photography. There exists no wrong way to photography after all!
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