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Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 seems like the dream of the phablet realized!

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With Galaxy Note 8 making an awaited entry in the market with a lot of fanfare, the world is all ready to experience to phablet dream. Phablets are the face of innovative technology; they are devcies that combine the size and format of Smartphones and tablets. And Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is the true rendition of a phablet, making a very functional big-screen Smartphone.
So, what are the features that we are looking forward to in the Samsung Galaxy Note 8?
The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 features a new optically stabilized dual camera system and a highly functional S Pen stylus. These two features are the forefront innovations that the series has made this time. And of course, the big screen that makes the Note 8 a very much desired phablet dream come true.
Although many renowned brands have launched phablets over the years, not all of them were able to balance the large screens with ease of usability. Not every phablet managed to become a comfortably hand-held device for its respective user.


Note 8 features a sleek and large 6.3-inch display, with shaving 0.4 inches off the height and depth of the device, making it the phablet that one can comfortably use.


It also features pragmatic rectangular lines unlike the curved design of the S8 device, making it significantly more attractive and popping. It gives users the impression that they are effectively holding a screen in their hands as the top and bottom bezels virtually fade off while you watch a video, text your friends or simply play games. It also proves to be an ideal device for going through large amounts of text as the long column screens give easily readability of the texts.


Samsung makes incredible cameras and Note 8 didn’t disappoint either. It has two 12 MP cameras with optical image stabilization. The best part is the Live Focus feature that enables you to adjust the level of background blur prior and after you capture a picture. It is very close to the Apple’s Portrait Mode feature. Capturing and editing on Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is fun beaus of it being a phablet.

S Pen Stylus:

Another feature that makes the Note 8 a true phablet breed is the improved S Pen Stylus. The S pen has improved functionality, making it great tool for taking notes on your device.


The phone supports a 3,300 mAh battery that last all day long. It has wireless charging.


6GB RAM 64GB storage

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 is indeed our phablet dream realized into a reality. Its true how they said about the phone, ‘See the bigger picture and communicate in a whole new way. With the Galaxy Note8 in your hand, bigger things are just waiting to happen.’ We are indeed waiting! Call or Visit any location near by!

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