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Keep on reading the tips and advice on how to better utilize your mobile device, what’s new and what’s being launched. Our blog keeps you at pace with the fast moving innovative world of communication.

The Best Browsers for Android

Browsers serve different purposes for different users in their Android phones. Some users want a fast web surfing browser, while other users want one that takes up as little data as possible. Here is a list of best Android browsers and what they do best!

Chrome Beta: to stay ahead of the curve

A better and an upgraded version of the regular Chrome is Chrome Beta, which is the ideal browser for your Android device. Chrome Beta receives the latest upgrades to its older Chrome version and gives users access to a ton of cool features. It is great in terms of its browsing speed. Although users often experience stability problems with the browser they are very infrequent.

Opera: best for data savings

Opera’s slogan says, “Do more online with Opera for Android”. It seems that many users believe in its slogan because this Android browser has over 50 million installs from the Play Store. Opera has remained to be a trusted browser for desktop owners for about 20 years and its Android version packs same features with a few speedy tweaks! The browser can be synced with multiple devices allowing users to take their browsing experience easily from Smartphone to their PCs. It also packs some of the standard features like bookmarks and private browsing. But what really sets Opera apart from other browsers? It would be the data-saving features. Opera allows you to save a lot of data by compressing videos as you view them or saving a few bytes as you browse pages online. However, it’s not the fastest browser out there.

Firefox: Best for customization

Another all-time solid and reliable browsers in its domain are the Firefox. Not only the browser is very user-friendly, it is highly customizable as well. Users can easily sync the mobile browser with the desktop version and it works great. It allows users to reorganize their home panels without any bugs. Firefox is also packed with versatile privacy and sharing options. It also features a reader mode that enables users to read through articles online devoid of any clutter.

Puffin Browser Free: Best for speed

In terms of speed, high customization, backgrounds and additional add-on
functions, Puffin Browser Free is a good pick for your Android. Are you one of those people who miss the laptop experience on mobile? Well, then you may enjoy using the Puffin browser as it can be used to emulate a mouse cursor and trackpad. Perhaps one rather annoying drawback of the browser is that it features a lot of ad banners at the bottom of the screen.

Dolphin Browser: Best user-experience

The list of favorite’s browsers in the Android committee is incomplete without adding Dolphin Browser to it. This browser is highly functional, packs a ton of features and has some good gesture controls. It is also ideal for sharing content and transferring preferences between devices and sharing content. It is also one of those browsers that still support Flash Player, which means who can still surf your older websites that are not entirely technologically upgraded.

UC Browser: Total speed

Millions of download on Google for the UC Browser are a testament to its speed and high performance. The browser is from China and is renowned for its fast browsing experience which is largely due to its data compression. Although many users find its interface very ordinary, this browser does its duty without any bother.
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