What to look for in a Supplier when buying Cell phones and accessories for your Retail Business?

If you are in the business of selling Cellphones and Cellphone Accessories, you know how challenging it can be to find a reputable wholesaler supplier for your business. If you are just getting into the business, you must ensure that the cellphones and accessories you buy are from a trusted and reliable supplier, otherwise growing your business will become a much greater challenge than you think.

While all businesses are focused on margins and profits, the cell phone industry, especially at the retail level is all about customer trust, loyalty, word of mouth and your credibility as a retailer of quality products. Sourcing inventory from an unreliable party will hit you and your business’s reputation, harshly.

Insights gleaned from customer service and customer satisfaction surveys tell us that Unhappy customers tell a minimum of 8 people about a bad customer experience.
Needless to say, it is in the interest of your business and growth that you have a reliable partner to buy your inventory from. So who and what is a reliable supplier?

Here are the 5 key things to look for.

  1. Years in business. While this may seem simplistic, longevity in the same business is a very strong and positive indicator of a business. The longer in business the greater the number of customers and repeat business the supplier is likely to have, and therein lies an implied trust in the manner they do business. No track record or history in the business is a red flag. Go with long-termers.
  2. Digital presence transparency. Look at all their digital media assets. Websites, e-commerce stores, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn. See how open and transparent they are with information about their business, their company, their management etc. The more they share the greater the probability that they are open, authentic, transparent and credible. Websites and digital media presence which tell very little about the business are to be avoided. So look at how much information they share about themselves carefully.
  3. Market Reputation. Perhaps one of the best yardsticks of a business, especially in the cell phone industry is the wholesaler’s reputation with their existing customers and suppliers. This factor subsumes everything. Products, pricing, quality, availability, reliability, customer service and overall customer experience. Take the time out to ask their existing customers and suppliers. Another key factor is if they have exclusive distribution rights from reputable global suppliers for cell phones and/or accessories.
  4. Wide Product range, competitive pricing and sustained supply chain. Credible, reliable wholesalers with sustainable supplier partnerships can offer a wide range of products at competitive prices in a sustainable manner, without a one-time “fire sale” type business model. This reflects financial strength, long term and credible business relationships across the globe. Their graded stock is extensively quality checked and they can stand behind their products.
  5. Customer Service. Reputable and reliable wholesalers stand behind their products. They keep extensive records with individual IMEI numbers and help you track and trace issues and problems. They are just a phone call or an email away.

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