Samsung’s lineup of smartphones is bigger and better than ever, with new iterations launching every year. It spans from the budget-friendly Galaxy A Series of smartphones through the iconic Galaxy S family, all the way to the groundbreaking Z lineup of foldable phones.

This year, the tech giant has already added four new phones to its lineup. In February, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S22, Galaxy S22+, and Galaxy S22 Ultra, which offer a fresher design and beefed-up hardware specs when compared to their Galaxy S21 predecessors. In March, Samsung updated its Galaxy A lineup with the Galaxy A53 5G. The newcomer brings improved hardware specs at an even lower price point than its predecessor.

Whether you’re looking for the most feature-packed Android smartphone out there, a budget-friendly option just for the basics, or the brand’s latest model to hit the shelves, we’re breaking down all you need to know about the best and latest Samsung phones.

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